TempRE is an integrated set of services that puts you in control of every aspect of temporary workforce management.

TempRE gives you those resources, so you can make change happen. All with no up-front costs.

With public attention keenly focused on NHS agency staffing costs, every board and trust is under pressure to cut the costs of temporary staff. It’s easy for managers to identify the problems. What’s much harder is to solve them – because to put new ways of working into practice takes a level of resource that is rarely available in-house.

Unlike competitor services, TempRE provides a complete modular ecosystem that brings all temporary staff and processes together within a single comprehensive infrastructure. The service is also unique in that it provides total implementation and ongoing support through a combination of market-leading technology, onsite teams, shared services and consultancy. We’re with you for the duration of the contract, making sure processes are operating effectively and appropriate governance procedures are in place.

TempRE Multi Worker

We know trusts have a growing need to apply varying rules to different worker categories and support multiple rate cards or agency tiers.  TempRE Multi Worker saves valuable time by giving users the ability to accommodate each worker type on one platform, despite the variable rules that apply to each.  It removes the resource requirement of compiling data from multiple sources, giving control and transparency across all temporary staffing in place within a trust.

TempRE Multi Worker allows trusts to apply rules across worker types including;

  • Medical locums
  • AHPs
  • Nurses
  • Non-medical, non-clinical (admin and clerical)

With access to multiple suppliers at the click of a button and the ability easily to compare candidates, as well as cost, TempRE Multi Worker means users can isolate specific worker categories to apply relevant rules, as well as isolating agency suppliers across worker categories, different tiers and different outsourcing options.

Paperless, and user-friendly, TempRE Multi Worker also gives users the ability to handle multiple rates, plus core and unsocial periods, in a single job.  The system allows users to quickly assess compliance and also includes the junior doctor contract declaration and the ability to manage professional membership details for different worker categories where appropriate.  TempRE Multi Worker also means that users need to access just one platform for their NHSi reporting, saving time.

Some of the problems we can help you solve:

When workers opt for agency over bank, it costs you more. Often, lots more.
Workers go where the work is. If you struggle to find the resources to run an effective bank with the vacancies people want, you inevitably lose out to agencies.

TempRE solutions

With TempRE, you get support to help you develop your internal and shared bank services that become a preferred option for workers. A single integrated system covering all vacancies allows you to automate vacancy release: bank first, preferred agencies second, multiple agencies last. TempRE also offers a weekly payroll service, taking away a key barrier to bank participation. In addition, TempRE allows workers to record availability, so you can offer shifts that suit them.

In the West Midlands, we increased bank fill by over 50% in just four months.

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TempRE Bank
TempRE Shared/Collaborative Bank
TempRE Weekly Payroll
TempRE Rostering

With staff across the trust booking temporary staff through a variety of manual systems, IT processes or both, it’s impossible to know who is buying what, why, and how much they are paying for each shift. Maverick buying creeps in, rate caps are exceeded, costs rise.

TempRE solutions

An integrated system with a full electronic audit trail provides complete transparency and control over bookings, reasons for spend, budget authorisations and rates.

You need agencies and the staff they provide, but they take a proportion of your temporary staffing budget.

TempRE solutions

TempRE can save you up to 27% of your agency spend by moving your trust or board to a direct engagement model. Agencies still find the workers you need, but you employ them directly. Savings come from process efficiency, control over labour and commission rates, reduced invoice errors and direct engagement tax treatment. Legal support comes from PwC.

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TempRE Direct Engagement (STAFFflow)

Poor visibility of agency arrangements makes it hard to know what you’re being charged and why. It’s bad for budgets and it’s bad for governance.

TempRE solutions

By handling bookings through a single database, TempRE collects together every detail of each agency transaction. Powerful MI reports give you full visibility of actual costs and reasons for spending, so you can manage agency contracts more effectively and bring costs down.

It takes time to manage multiple contracts and rate cards. The work is unproductive, and it’s easy for mistakes to slip through and over-charging be missed.

TempRE solutions

We can provide a single contract to manage all agencies. Software and reporting tools support price and supplier control and rate reduction. We can also take over agency invoicing and payment administration.

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TempRE Direct Engagement (STAFFflow)
TempRE Disbursements

When you’re focusing on day-to-day priorities, it’s impossible to develop a wide understanding of new approaches and innovative ways to drive down costs.

TempRE solutions

Our consultants can bring you best practice ideas from across the NHS and advise on where to find the greatest opportunities for savings and efficiencies within your temporary workforce processes.

Talk to us about your temporary staffing challenges, and we can share examples of how other NHS trusts and boards have overcome theirs by working with us.

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