TempRE Shared/Collaborative Bank


With TempRE, you can develop and run a collaborative bank solution which helps you drive down costs, improve efficiencies, and retain staff. People naturally migrate to where the work is, so by offering more bank vacancies through a shared bank, you drive staff uptake and reduce reliance on more expensive forms of contingent labour. On top of this, you’re able to keep skillsets and knowledge within the NHS because staff no longer need to go elsewhere for work.

The TempRE service combines experienced on site support with dedicated technology, delivering a streamlined service that maximises savings.


Our expert team leads the initial phases of the project and continues to provide hands-on support for the duration of the contract. From setting up collaborations to training staff in processes, the team provide the expertise, enthusiasm and additional resource you need to make an effective shared bank a reality.

Use the shared bank to attract staff to vacancies before using agencies.

Choose where to release vacancies to – just your own bank, or to the shared bank.

Offer your own staff for local and national vacancies and generate an income stream.

Decide which staff to offer, in order to retain expertise in-house.

Manage pay rates across a region via local agreements.

Use savings made to offer higher/comparable rates.

Our fees are contingent on the savings you make. No upfront costs.

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