TempRE Bank


TempRE Bank provides the support and technology you need to help you optimise the use of your staff bank and reduce reliance on more expensive forms of contingent labour.

The service includes experienced on-site and off-site support plus expert advice and guidance so you can make the most of your staff bank, attract more workers to register, and fill shifts in the most cost effective way. This is underpinned by a strong technology platform giving you real time visibility and reporting.

Whether you don’t yet have a bank or want to make an existing bank more effective, we can help.


Our practised implementation and support team takes you from pre-launch preparation to go live, and continues to support you for the duration of the contract. Our onsite specialists are committed to supporting engagement and driving up usage so you see the greatest possible benefit from your growing bank.

How TempRE Bank works

We provide a hands-on team to help you grow and consolidate your staff bank.

You create a larger pool of bank workers who already know the hospital, saving orientation/induction time.

Workers can record availability, so they get more of the shifts they want.

Unique reference numbers give control, provide a full audit trail, and prevent duplicates.

Reports on resource usage provide data to inform temporary workforce strategy.

Financial reports give you a simple way to track and manage total expenditure and accruals.

Care quality compliance becomes straightforward, with full visibility of working hours, adherence to break policies and more.

No up-front costs. Our fees are contingent on the savings you make.

We can also work with you to develop collaborative or shared banks, and we can provide a weekly payroll service, giving workers the frequent payments they often prefer.

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