Benefits of TempRE


Comprehensive management information and benchmarking data is a core strength of Liaison, and one our clients tell us makes us stand apart from the rest. Because all activities take place within a single integrated system, trusts and boards build a detailed database covering temporary staffing expenditure and usage.  We also provide regular management reporting, insight and analysis to our clients, providing unprecedented intelligence on their temporary staffing spending.

Live controls

Built into the system, allowing you to set your own parameters and challenge costs in real time: currently, only 3% of bookings have been approved with escalated rates.

Trends rates and analysis

Easily delivering current NHS Improvement reporting requirements, our monthly tailored management information also offer much more. Our reports look into the detail, to help you make informed decisions and identify where to take action.  Our standard reporting includes trends and rates analysis by agency, department and grade. The reports also highlight areas of rate cap and framework non-compliance. This is just the beginning. Talk to us about some of the other reporting that our clients find invaluable.

Improve workforce intelligence

This detailed data gives you market-leading insights into how your staff are using temporary workers so you can improve workforce intelligence and act on it. In addition, full visibility of agency bookings and costs allows you to manage agency contracts more effectively. You can expect to receive daily, weekly and monthly reports as standard and we will always strive to meet your ad-hoc requests for data and FOI requests.

Benchmarking statistics

On top of this, your data can feed into our anonymised national and regional benchmarking statistics. This means you can compare your pay rates against those elsewhere and make more informed decisions about what rates to offer. This data informs our widely-respected Taking the Temperature reports.

Taken together, the insights and intelligence provided give you unprecedented opportunities to drive down costs and increase framework compliance.

Savings and efficiencies

TempRE drives down direct costs and provides further opportunities for savings via efficiencies and streamlining.

With TempRE Direct Engagement (STAFFflow) alone, savings are over £500,000 per £2m (27%) of your temporary staffing spend. This includes an estimated cost reduction of at least 4% through the prevention of excessive/over contract rates and hours.

The increased self-sufficiency delivered by TempRE-supported staff banks is also a key factor in cost reduction. Using TempRE’s tiered vacancy release function, you can prioritise bank workers over agency staff and save around third of the cost of each shift filled: a member of staff sourced through a bank typically costs 34% less than the same pay grade person sourced through an agency.

TempRE offers locums an easy to access online system with a centralised record and repository of their contracts and timesheets.

The benefits to locums working through TempRE include:

  • A simple to use system covering all activity and assignments
  • Online contracts and timesheets – no more manual, paper-based systems.
  • A central store for contracts and payment details (payslips or self-bill invoices)
  • A helpline for queries and guidance
  • Options for streaming part of induction process at some trusts in advance

Our service offers improved controls, better governance, increased transparency, greater compliance and lower costs.

The benefits for NHS finance teams are:

  • Complete visibility of temporary staff spend in one place across the whole trust or health board
  • Greatly reduced invoice processing time, due to consolidated monthly invoices from agencies
  • The opportunity to benchmark agency costs on a regional or national basis
  • Outsourced temporary staff payroll and pension administration frees up internal resources.
  • Weekly cash transfer facility
  • Pensions, tax advice and on-going support from expert advisors

Medical staffing teams gain significant benefits relating to the management of agencies and temporary workers.

These include:

  • Complete visibility of pay and commission rates across the organisation
  • The ability to compare agencies
  • Electronic booking confirmations and record of bookings with agencies
  • Improvements in attendance records of locums due to email and text shift notification systems
  • An end to any involvement in invoicing processes.
  • Far more proactive reviews of agency staff usage to pinpoint suitable posts for conversion to bank or substantive roles

We work to put the organisation firmly in control of hiring arrangements and improve the visibility and control of this significant area of the workforce.

The benefits for human resources teams are:

  • Visibility of reasons why a worker is booked, how they are contracted, for how long, with which department and where
  • Employment law support and on-going access to STAFFflow employment advice
  • Support with assessing risk and making changes required in the way the trust or board works
  • The ability to provide online induction materials and to capture and retain electronic records of completion
  • Far more proactive reviews of agency staff usage to pinpoint suitable posts for conversion to bank or substantive roles
  • Length of assignment monitoring, enabling workforce planning and budgeting
  • Complete visibility of the organisation’s spend on temporary staff in one place

We support procurement teams to deliver a clearer and stronger supplier sourcing strategy for temporary workers, and provide tools to manage this significant area of spend.

Benefits for the procurement team include:

  • Tools to support price control, rate reduction and visibility
  • The opportunity for benchmarking on a regional and national basis with other live trusts and health boards.
  • Direct procurement or procurement via a framework engagement of agencies
  • Specialist procurement advice and support from expert advisors
  • Established contracting documentation in use

Our service enables agencies to maintain their strong relationships with their trust and health board clients whilst reducing their cashflow requirements and invoice processing costs.

In practice, the benefits for agencies are:

  • Reduced process costs as the agency is no longer managing the timesheet and payroll administration process
  • Reduced administration and a clear payment process as a result of producing just one single, consolidated invoice to each trust or health board client each month
  • Reduced cashflow requirements as workers are paid through STAFFflowrather than by the agency
  • A continuation of relationships: continue to work directly with your contacts at the trust or health board
  • A smooth transition with the support of our agency engagement team.

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