Continuing Healthcare services

Liaison has a team of dedicated CHC specialists that can deliver cost reductions, process improvements and QIPP benefits identified from our forensic reviews of CCGs’ CHC expenditure. This will provide a reduction in spend as well as greater visibility of costs incurred. As part of this work the team will advise on best practice and the use of the national framework for  NHS continuing healthcare and NHS funded nursing care.

We can help.

Whether outsourced or in-house, are you confident you have the right people, processes and technology in place to drive the right clinical outcomes and keep tight controls over costs once these decisions are made?

We have delivered this unique service to a significant number of CCGs and have recovered thousands of pounds that have been reinvested in local healthcare provision and delivering on QIPP schemes. Our services include retrospective reviews and consultancy to enhance quality and identify strategic improvements. This includes process improvement, evaluation and identifying and opportunities for better team working between departments.

CCGs face common challenges in managing CHC:

  • Inadequate authorisation processes and controls
  • Poor access to and understanding of CHC data
  • Inaccurate and outdated care records
  • Backlog of re-assessments
  • Lack of control over current providers and rates
  • Lack of specialist CHC technology to support process
  • Quality of funding decisions / assessment outcomes


These challenges mean that CCGs experience a number of problems with monitoring and effectively controlling their CHC spending. Our services can offer you greater control and an independent validation of your processes.

This can help in a number of ways, including mitigating the risk of fraud and also reducing costs, incorrect assessment outcomes and overpayments. We support you in streamlining processes and making them more efficient and in identifying and supporting the transition to best practice models.

Retrospective reviews

We have over five years’ experience in helping clients identify and recover duplicate payments and unclaimed credits from supplier invoices. Our forensic experts have identified close to £40m of recoverable cash for the NHS.

Our CHC reviews include:

Deceased patients review
A review of all deceased patients to ensure that no invoices have been paid after a patient has died.

Local Authority invoice reconciliation
A retrospective review to check that the CCG has paid the correct amount for jointly-funded care packages and credit notes can be reconciled with the original invoices.

Retrospective invoice review
Examples include over-charges for out of area patients, high cost / variable care packages, reduced charges during hospital stays, equipment charges and reduced care packages following re-assessments.

Responsible Commissioner
A comprehensive review of patients’ demographics, ensuring they are allocated to the correct GP practice within the CCG area.

Hospital Admissions
Identification and validation of price reductions in line with patients who have been admitted for secondary care treatment.

1:1 Care
Liaison will review the allocation and funding of high cost 1:1 care packages.

CHC Consultancy Services

Consultancy Process Evaluation
We will work with the relevant internal stakeholders to identify opportunities for process improvements based on our best practice CHC model. We will also support the CCG in delivering the QIPP goals and outcomes related to CHC expenditure.

Process Improvement
Our experts will use best practice in CHC process management aligned to the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care, to work with your team to design the right process for the CCG.

Project Management
Offering support with supplier selection, process redesign and achieving a successful transition, our Project Management resource will support CCGs considering implementing CHC software, transitioning their CHC function back in-house or looking to outsource elements of the CHC function to third parties.

Data Cleansing
Our data team will clean your data, removing duplicate records and improving data quality, and will also support you with loading live client records into your system. In completing this process, we will also audit care providers to detect fraud.

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