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Supply and Implementation of Resource Allocation Systems

For the past 30 years, Liaison has been helping the NHS make significant cost savings. Encouraged by our successes in VAT and Accounts Payable services, which save the NHS over £100m per annum, we continue to expand our range of cost saving services. These include services which have been designed to identify errors and over-charging, as well as managing the recovery of over-payments to suppliers. As a result, we have already identified over £20m in over-payments for our NHS customers.

Liaison is a Continuing Healthcare partner of choice for over 60% of the CCGs in England and has developed services to help them manage their rising CHC costs, through a combination of consultancy and financial reviews.

It is our extensive experience and proven results that will ensure we maximise cost savings that can be reinvested back into your patient healthcare services.

As part of our partnerships with CCGs we believe that there are other benefits in addition to the financial savings and money recovered for the CCG, these include:

Greater Control

  • Independent validation of processes
  • Support with transition to best practice models
  • Mitigation of risk of fraud
  • Improve re-assessment rates

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce incorrect assessment outcomes
  • Reduce overpayments and improve recovery

Greater efficiency

  • Improve completeness and accuracy of date
  • Increase process efficiency
  • Streamline processes

What is a Liaison CHC Audit?

The revised 2018 National Framework sets out the principles and processes of NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care and is designed to provide greater clarity to individuals and staff on issues such as screening, appropriateness of care packages, resolutions processes and roles of the healthcare suppliers.

The CHC Strategic Improvement Programme (SIP) was set up in 2017 to support the improvement and standardisation in the delivery of Continuing Healthcare. Its aim is to provide fair access to NHS Continuing Healthcare in a way which ensures:

  • Better outcomes
  • Better experience
  • Better use of resources

Liaison has been working in partnership with the NHS England SIP and CCGs to assess their performance and effectiveness in the delivery of their CHC services in their demographic area(s) against the 2018 Framework. We’re also working with NHS England to support CCGs achieve the SIP aims and goals.

Our audits score CCG performance across 18 areas including:
CHC Strategy and Leadership, Patient and Family, Systems, Governance, Screening, Market Management and Brokerage and Retrospective Assessments. CCGs are scored against the five progressive levels of CHC model maturity from ‘initial’ to ‘market leading’.

Our reports detail the scores and act as a baseline assessment of strengths and weaknesses, you can also chart your scores against other CCGS. We will then advise on how our CHC consultants can support your team in improving your weaker areas and driving your CCG towards leadership levels.

Audits take place over a three-day period:
Two days on-site meeting with staff and one day of analysis and report writing.

Why choose Liaison for your Financial Reviews?

We have a minimal impact on your staff
Our reviews have been designed to enable Liaison to undertake them in a way which minimises the impact on staff at the CCG. We appreciate the current demands on teams within the NHS and will ensure that we allocate all the necessary resources to limit any impact on your service and your team.

We have direct access to your data, so we’re efficient
Liaison has access to the NHS N3 Network that provides us with direct access to your data (with appropriate permissions). This allows us to complete reviews efficiently with minimal disruption to your team. We’ve also prepared data requirement forms that reduce the time needed to gather the information. We assess and agree all requirements and timescales in an initial ‘project call’ so we can deliver the services to agreed expectations.

We charge by results, reducing your financial risk
Financial reviews are all charged by results, so if we do not identify and recover any money there is no charge. Therefore, there is no financial risk and Liaison will invoice on a contingency basis for any savings recovered. The reviews act as a financial ‘health check’ and if no errors are identified, you can demonstrate that you have externally audited and verified your accounts and prove that the financial systems in place are robust.
If we are contracted to identify and report on underpayments, there is 10% contingency fee.

We recommend the following retrospective financial savings reviews to identify and recover any overpayments or over charges:

  • Deceased Patient Review
  • Local Authority Invoice Reconciliation
  • Responsible Commissioner
  • 1:1 Care
  • Hospital Admissions
  • AP Invoice Review (CHC and Non CHC)

Our financial reviews focus on identifying and securing savings for the CCG in areas where we believe savings can be achieved from overcharges, contract errors, unallocated payments and missed credits. Where errors are identified, we will quantify these with the suppliers on your behalf and agree with them the method of repayment to you.

How can Liaison support us with calculating budgets?

The Liaison RAS has been developed to support CCGs in calculating an indicative budget to support the personalisation of care – providing individuals with more choice and control by providing them with a personal health budget. The Liaison RAS achieves this by accurately predicting the cost of care based on the needs and complexity of the individual.

The Indicative budget is calculated by completing the CHC assessment which covers all relevant domains including:

  • Personal Care
  • Safety and Risk
  • Nutrition
  • Communication and Cognition
  • Social Well-being
  • Behaviour
  • Psychological and Emotional needs
  • Mobility
  • Continence
  • Skin
  • Breathing
  • Drug Therapies and Medication
  • Altered State of Consciousness

It also considers the levels of needs that are currently being met though the support from family and friend for each area. Developed as a national model the Liaison RSA has ability for configuration to reflect your CCGs policy decisions and the costs of care in your area – ensuring that indicative budgets that are calculated using the Liaison RAS will be sufficient for individuals to purchase the care in your area that meets their needs.

The Liaison RAS is also directly linked to the CHC DST so there is no need to gather additional information as all of this will have been collected when eligibility is determined.

Procurement and Governance

Consultancy for CHC can be procured from the following Frameworks

  • HealthTrust Europe
  • NHS SBS Consult 18: Multidisciplinary Consultancy Services

Financial reviews for CHC can be procured from the following Frameworks

  • Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud 10 RM1557.10

All reviews and audits require us to gather and analyse data. Liaison has due regard for information governance and complying with its legal and statutory framework. Our ongoing systematic approach to managing sensitive company and customer information includes protecting data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and we continually training staff in Data Protection, ISO27001 and Caldicott Guardian Training. Our stringent controls mean we are granted access to the NHS N3 network and we are the only commercial company with access to the Controlled Environment for Finance (CEfF).

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