Accounts Payable reviews

Accounts payable reviews: complete AP audit and cash recovery service for the public sector

Taking an in-depth look at supplier statements and invoices, we identify money that’s gone missing in overpayments and duplicate payments (surprisingly common, despite where our clients believe they have robust, internal controls). We then take practical action to recover the cash.

It’s a vital task. Through our AP reviews so far, we’ve found over £34m in overpayments – money that would have otherwise been lost.

Complete end-to-end service

In one seamless process, our experienced investigators identify problems, liaise with suppliers and recover the cash that’s yours.

They assess all of your accounts payable transactions to identify anomalies such as missed supplier credits, unallocated cash, duplicate payments and duplicate charges. They liaise with suppliers, they solve problems, and they make sure the cash gets back to you. Suppliers know and trust us – when we call, they pay up.

The closest possible scrutiny

Our bespoke checks include an additional ten interrogations on top of those typically used by proprietary software. And that’s just the start. Rather than relying only on software queries, our specialist AP advisors look closely at the detail in person. Using their knowledge and experience, they find the discrepancies that computer algorithms aren’t clever enough to spot.

No risk

The fee is contingent on the savings we find, and there’s no up-front payment. If you’re already aware of outstanding credits but don’t have the time to follow up, we can chase them for you. If we fail to recover any money – you don’t pay us.

How our Accounts Payable review service works

You receive a dedicated AP Recovery Specialist as your advisor and primary contact, who is responsible for the process – from beginning to end.

We can work either onsite or, where possible, remotely. We’re N3 accredited which allows us to complete full reviews for SBS clients remotely via a read only Oracle log-in.

We contact your major suppliers to ask for an up-to-date statement of account.

Your advisor completes an in-depth analysis of statements and invoices , looking closely at transactions to spot discrepancies software queries fail to find.

Any potential savings we identify are cross-checked against your aged creditors report and finance system so we don’t pursue anything you’re already aware of.

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