28th July 2017 in Blog, Latest blog posts

Team Liaison Amani Complete The AJ Bell London Triathlon 2017

Do you ever do that thing where you sign up to take part in a challenge, that seems to be ages away, then realise seven months can pass in the blink of an eye? The next thing you know your alarm is going off at 05:30 on a sunny Saturday in July and today is the day you need to do a triathlon in the heart of London? No? Just me then!!

Saturday 22 July saw a 16-strong group of us head to the ExCeL in London to put all our training to the final test and complete the AJ Bell London Triathlon. The sun was shining, we were full of anticipation, and there was an undeniable buzz in the air, and then… the heavens opened!

Our remarkable solo participants were called to the swim point at 11:30 to be briefed and sent out the docks for their 11:50 race start. BANG! Away they went, swimming in the veritable monsoon that gave no let up as they transitioned to the bike for the 20km cycle, again battling the elements and resultant danger of a very slippery route. One of our team came a cropper on the cycle with a nasty puncture from a water-logged pothole. Cycle done and they were onto the home straight with a 5km run to see them over the line in some truly remarkable times.

Meanwhile, the only team entry this year were preparing for their start time, which began with the seasoned pro in the team (me) trying to rack my bike in Gordon Ramsey’s team rack!  A few pointers from the race officials and I was quickly marched to the correct rack.

Next thing we knew it was time for our swimmer to head off to the start point. Briefing done and off she went. After about half an hour, with no sign of our swimmer heading back into transition, concerns were growing. I shouted a race official who immediately began radioing through to the control teams for any news – the staff that organise the event are incredible! Meanwhile, our team runner spotted our swimmer being carried in piggy back by another race official having injured her foot in the swim and now unable to walk.  Not prepared to let her team down she ensured she passed on the timing chip so I could set out on the cycle, again in the torrential rain. 56 minutes later (yes, I knew that I was not about to break any records!), I handed the timing chip to our runner who killed it on our 5km putting in a seriously impressive time.

Job done, medals collected and a massive achievement completed!

A well-deserved drink or two was a most welcome way to round off what had been an adrenaline-fuelled and genuinely brilliant day.

I can hand on heart say I would recommend entering the triathlon to anyone – don’t talk yourself out of it, sign up and believe in yourself. It’s more than possible for anyone to do it, but above all it is honestly an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience; the training, the team spirit and the day itself.

I have to believe this as it looks like I’m going to have to do the whole thing again next year! Get in touch if you’d like to join us in 2018 – we’d love to have you along!

Know someone who took part? Click here to view the competitor times.

We took part in the event to raise awareness to, and funds for, our very own charity; Liaison Amani. Click here to find out more about the children’s charity.

– Lise-Ann Brennan
Solutions Architect, Liaison