Case Studies

3rd March 2016 in Case Studies, VAT & Financial Management

NHS Southend Clinical Commissioning Group

“Like all CCGs we have controls in place for duplicate payments but we know that they can still occur. We have a small team and it is difficult to dedicate the right resources to search for duplicate payments; getting in a team of experts who do these reviews all the time seemed like a practical approach for us so we appointed Liaison. It was all very straightforward and involved very little resource on our part. We passed on details of our SBS contact and Liaison used their N3 connection to access the information they needed. Our involvement was minimal; we mainly had a quick look at the results and answered a couple of queries about an invoice or two. All the leg work was done for us.

The Liaison team identified the duplicate payments and recovered the money for us. We didn’t expect to find a lot but the cash we did get was a bonus and we received a new level of assurance that our system worked well. I think it is good practice to review these things and if other CCGs don’t have the in house expertise or resource to do this themselves, then why not try it? Using experts who have experience and know what they’re looking for means a quick, no hassle review with cash savings and assurance on your approach”.

Steve Downing, Head of Finance, NHS Southend CCG