2nd October 2017 in News

Liaison Forms Fabulous Partnership with Academy to Share Best Practice – September 2017

September 2017

Liaison, the leading provider of financial and workforce management solutions to the NHS, has formed a partnership with the Academy of Fabulous Stuff, a platform to share best practice across all areas of healthcare between NHS staff.

The Academy provides a forum for front line employees to voice new processes and methods of working that can improve the offering of care to patients, make tangible savings, or both.

Liaison will take exclusive partner status with the Academy for support on Workforce & Organisational Development, Cost Saving & Finance and Continuing Healthcare. As partners, Liaison and the Academy will collaborate on submissions within these categories and work on methods to best promote them.

Currently, the Academy reaches over 200,000 people through its events and online channels with an ever-increasing number of posts on its website, the majority of which are from frontline staff sharing best practice stories.

Liaison works with NHS trusts and boards to make savings through reviews of their VAT, accounts and continuing healthcare services as well as providing greater control over temporary staff spending, through its STAFFflow and TempRE workforce management solutions. Liaison’s benchmarking publications offer the largest review of NHS spending on medical locums ever carried out.

By encouraging further collaboration between trusts and boards, Liaison helps to keep locums working within the system rather than trusts relying on costly third parties for staffing requirements. It is estimated that around 60-70% of medical locums are already employed elsewhere within the NHS, meaning cooperation on staff banks can have a significant impact in reducing costs.

Andrew Armitage, Managing Director of Liaison, said: “We are very proud to be partnering with the Academy of Fabulous Stuff, a platform which gives a voice to share best practice coming from the front line of the NHS.

“Liaison has a passion for innovation within the NHS having delivered savings and services across workforce and organisational development, VAT and financial management and continuing healthcare for nearly 30 years.  This collaboration provides us with another opportunity to contribute positive methods of working that our team have gleaned from our extensive work with the NHS, in practical, real life situations over many years, driving down spending without compromising frontline services.”

To find out more about the Academy, go to https://fabnhsstuff.net/