Case Studies

4th March 2016 in Case Studies, VAT & Financial Management

East Midlands Ambulance Service

Switching to Liaison as our VAT advisor has made a real difference to our trust. We’ve had great service: immediate support when we need it, training and comprehensive advice. This means our team has been able to gain better knowledge and understanding around VAT, and in keeping up to date with any new VAT rules.

Our team has become more self-sufficient due to our Liaison advisor’s help. Our advisor is very accessible, with any queries answered with a very quick turnaround. He is able to provide bespoke advice and is very knowledgeable on areas specific to the Trust. When we were notified of an imminent HMRC compliance visit, our advisor was always on hand before, during and after the process.

Importantly, with Liaison, we now have peace of mind around compliance. The number of amendments that we receive back on a monthly basis after a Liaison review has gone from many to nearly minimal; this gives our team the confidence that we are recovering VAT accurately and timely and are therefore fully compliant. In my opinion we are getting great value with the many benefits of the service exceeding the actual cost.

Our team have accessed the free training webinars and the VAT helpline and find them invaluable to keep up to date and to contribute to their own continuing professional development. We would definitely recommend that other NHS organisations switch to Liaison’s service.

Kim Wong, Head of Finance East Midlands Ambulance Service