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18th May 2018 in Case Studies, VAT & Financial Management

Dorset CCG CHC Discovery Days

NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the commissioning organisation for the whole county of Dorset. The group is a membership organisation, formed of all 100 local GP practices in the county.


The CHC finance team asked Liaison for their support in understanding how to better manage their Personal Health Budget (PHB) process. The team also felt they had little access and visibility of their PHB data and wanted to establish a process for managing this data effectively.

To better understand the CCG’s processes and procedures, the Liaison team spent two days on site completing discovery days to assist in identifying current practices. The days were arranged to ensure meetings were held with representatives from the teams involved with the PHB process. This enabled the Liaison specialists to identify and understand the people, processes, documents and technology involved in the end-to-end management of PHBs. Part of this activity involved mapping the current processes which is an essential part of identifying the best approach to managing PHB activity in the future.

During the discovery days and mapping of their current processes we identified key internal and external challenges for the CCG. These were then divided into specific development areas across the three streams of the CCG’s activity – clinical, operations and finance.

It was found that the CCG would also need support with these specific areas:


• A requirement for specific technology to support management of data and control of the process
• Support with improvements to internal processes
• A need for further training support for the CHC staff

The CCG acknowledged the issues were causing the allocation of additional costs. delays, demands on resource, increased risk to the CCG and challenges in the team’s ability to manage and control PHB spend.

Through our discovery work and mapping of the current PHB processes we identified opportunities for process improvement. We demonstrated how, with our detailed guidance and support, the CCG can further improve its core CHC processes and provide detailed guidance and support during the transition to best practice processes.

The success of short term goal achievements allows development of future medium-term goals that will enable the CCG to continue to make savings and identify areas for development across the three streams of business – clinical, operations and finance.