Workforce Bulletin

Liaison’s reporting services are now providing a review of your substantive WTE, compared to your Locum WTE, at a department and grade level. We provide both retrospective and future reports based on your locum activity so you can highlight those departments that rely heavily on temporary staff.   Our clients then use this data to […]

Liaisons collaborative services bring NHS organisations together to facilitate the sharing of data and workers through Liaison’s TempRE workforce management solution. The Liaison national data warehouse of Agency and Bank payments support the alignment of worker rates using the TempRE technology platform for the management and fulfilment of vacant shifts. Liaison are working with a [...]

Next month will see the release of additional functionality in the TempRE system to simplify the processing of additional shifts, with capability for rostering, vacancy release, client bank, collaborative (shared) bank, direct engagement and standard agency bookings for all worker types. The solution supports the management and reporting of junior doctor additional duty hours for local and Lead […]

Liaison are piloting a new workforce analytics service in several NHS trusts which combines multiple sources of workforce data into one place to help trusts create more productive hours. This service is the latest addition to Liaison’s portfolio of workforce services, enabling analysis of the whole workforce bringing budgeted, substantive and contingent workforce data together […]

Liaison has broadened its services from Direct Engagement with medical locums to Workforce Management including all worker types, banks, collaborative banks, rostering and HR Analytics. We have added a new support partner to cover legal services. Liaison will now utilise Capsticks to support us legally, covering all areas including inter-trust collaborative SLAs for bank; and [...]