Staff Banks continue to grow within the NHS –  25 per cent of NHS trusts now have their own bank.   NHS trusts could save up to £320 per eight hour shift if all Direct Engagement and Standard Engagement Consultant hours were converted to Bank.   By taking a ‘bank first’ approach, the trusts in […]

Liaison was named winner of Best Customer Focus category at the 2018 Best Business Awards. Liaison has 30 years’ experience of working with the NHS and finds around £100million of cost savings for its NHS customers per annum.  The business has a deep knowledge of the temporary workforce, tax and financial areas and a developing […]

NHS trusts and health boards are benefitting from just over £65million in additional VAT recovery, thanks to an experienced NHS VAT team at NHS financial and workforce effectiveness specialist Liaison. The NHS is subject to its own special VAT rules with HMRC, entitling it to reclaim VAT on some of its expenditure. VAT specialists at […]

NHS organisations in England saved £660m temporary staffing in the last year by changing the way in which they appoint locum workers.  More trusts and health boards now engage staff from their own substantive banks rather than booking through locum agencies, according to leading workforce and financial services provider to the NHS, Liaison. Since the […]

For many NHS organisations HMRC inspections can be a daunting experience and some may find it difficult to understand exactly what HMRC are requesting. This is why it is useful to have a VAT expert on hand to support you through the inspection process. HMRC can carry out inspections in numerous ways, and it may […]