So, HMRC has updated its list of items that qualify for VAT zero rating with an exemption certificate when paid through charitable funds or endowments. The list features some surprising items that qualify which seems to bring the question of whether, in an increasingly digital age, we’re really applying zero tax ratings to the things […]

Head of Liaison Academy and Organisational Development Julie Boulton takes us through the three most common reasons why training isn’t meeting the needs of the workplace, and what you can do about it. Example A: A hospital scores low for patient service, so to solve the problem they source external training to develop and upskill […]

The NHS is subject to its own specific VAT rules and Liaison has been providing specialist VAT services to the NHS for 30 years, aiming to maximise VAT recovery opportunities while still helping them stay compliant with HMRC. This year our VAT specialists recovered an additional £60.3million of underclaimed VAT for regular NHS customers as […]

With over 7 years of working within the NHS to deliver temporary workforce management systems Jack Mazzina is passionate about helping trusts and health boards improve control, bring costs down and improve self-sufficiency.  Here he tackles the top five reasons NHS trusts and health boards have become disengaged with their temporary workforce provider.   NHS […]

Our latest annual Taking The Temperature report into temporary staff spending in the NHS indicates that NHSI rate caps may not be achievable by the majority of NHS trusts across England as they struggle to fill the workforce gaps. In an effort to reduce and standardise temporary staff pay rates, since July 2018, NHS trusts […]