At the March 2015 Budget HMRC committed to transforming the tax system, delivering a system that is more effective, more efficient and easier for taxpayers.   By 2019 HMRC seeks to create the most digitally advanced tax system in the world.   HMRC estimates the amount of tax not collected due to avoidable taxpayer errors […]

Coastal trust Southport and Ormskirk is proof that that you can cut what you spend on locums and still reel in the right staff – even when you’re fishing in a small pool. The Trust’s sea-rious savings include a drop of more than 40% in overall medical locum spend within just twelve months of introducing […]

Large NHS organisations typically pay multi-million pound sums in VAT each year. So it’s a big help to budgets that the health service is allowed to recover VAT for some types of purchase. What’s rather less helpful is that the rules about what payments can be reclaimed are both complicated and confusing.

We have put together a roadshow of comprehensive training events ideal for someone new to Government Department VAT or requiring an up to date refresher. The sessions review all the changes over the last 12 months including overseas transactions. They are our most popular training event which have grown over time due to being run in an interactive and engaging manner.

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