In 2019 Making Tax Digital is still a huge focus for the NHS.  At our London VAT Conference in the Autumn, 90 per cent of the attendees still felt that they were not ‘MTD Ready’.  Liaison staff are on hand to offer advice on ‘good digital housekeeping’ ahead of the revised October 2019 deadline for […]

To coincide with the potential issues arising from a no deal Brexit outcome, HMRC is rolling out a new Customs Declaration Service (CDS). This will apply to all non-EU trading and in the event of no deal, it will also apply to intra-EU trade. CDS replaces HMRC’s ‘CHIEF’ system that enables the electronic transmission of […]

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday my wife (who is a clinician for the NHS) and I were taking a much-deserved break in a small seaside village in North Wales when we witnessed the work of the NHS at first hand.  The North Wales Air Ambulance swooped down over our remote holiday cottage and [...]

As the UK braces itself for one of the worst winters on record and with warnings of an increasingly pressurised NHS workforce, our TempRE workforce service can help you to fill shifts across many specialisms, pay workers weekly and book ‘shifts on the go’ during the busiest time of the year. A quarterly report by [...]

We’ve been working with over a quarter of NHS trusts in England to support them in adopting better habits around how they recruit, manage and retain their temporary workforce, with encouraging results. So, here’s three New Year’s resolutions we’re very happy to support. 1. Spend Less Our workforce advisory services have saved the NHS over […]