NHS workforce and finance specialist Liaison has appointed Simon Hollingsworth as its new Finance Director. Simon joins the company at an exciting time, as it seeks to further expand its successful range of workforce and financial effectiveness services into the UK and international healthcare sector.  Simon will be providing additional strategic and commercial direction within [...]

This week, the Welsh Audit Office (WAO) released figures showing that there has been a 171% increase in the amount spend by NHS Wales on temporary staff over the past seven years. £135.7million was used on agency expenditure – around 82 per cent of which was used to fill vacant positions. The recently published NHS […]

As we attend HFMA Yorkshire and Humber Branch Annual Conference this week, we’re delighted to be able to share a collaboration that is not only saving NHS trusts money in terms of recruiting locum workers but is also sourcing new locums and filling speciality gaps for some seven trusts. Fed up with high temporary staffing […]

With Matt Hancock’s focus on driving digital healthcare, the COS 14 heading relating to computer services supplied to the specification of the recipient has been under review. This heading applies to services supplied to a government department or NHS body in its procurement of an IT system to its own specifications or to specifications dictated […]

Rules on vouchers have changed from 1 January 2019. The pre-1 January 2019 rules were complex and made a distinction in VAT treatment between credit, retail and ‘other’ vouchers. From 1 January 2019, there are only single and multiple purpose vouchers. Single purpose vouchers are those where the goods or services that are redeemed for […]