Many of my colleagues in the health care sector will have noticed that In the Chancellor’s Spring Statement it was announced that in the coming months the government intends to publish a policy paper exploring a potential, fiscally neutral, reform to the VAT refund rules for central government, including the NHS, “with the aim of […]

This week, reports in the media show the number of NHS staff quitting over long hours has tripled in six years.  New figures highlighted an increase across all NHS staff groups in the number of voluntary resignations by some 55 per cent since 2011/2012. In particular, voluntary resignations citing poor work-life balance were the largest […]

In our latest ‘Taking The Temperature’ quarterly report into NHS temporary staff spending 31% of workers in our sample were sourced through trust banks, compared to 29% in the previous quarter. On average, a trust saves £38 per hour by sourcing Consultants through a bank compared to the traditional agency route and £29 per hour […]

A quarterly report on NHS temporary staff spending has shown a continued drive towards a ‘bank first’ approach amongst trusts in England. The ‘Taking The Temperature’ report from workforce services provider Liaison, shows that almost a third of all temporary staff are employed via a trust medical bank – arguably the most cost-effective way of […]

  Direct engagement is just one module of a broader NHS workforce management solution. STAFFflow  and TempRE are our workforce managements services utilised by NHS organisations for effective management of temporary workforce. Our approach is the most proven; currently used by over 60 NHS clients. We started offering the concept of direct engagement into the [...]