15th May 2015 in News, Latest News

50 Live: STAFFflow reaches another landmark

The 50th NHS trust has now gone live on STAFFflow  our market leading direct engagement service, run in partnership with PwC. Congratulations to everyone at Liaison and all the NHS staff that made this possible and keep making STAFFflow such an incredible service.

From the moment the first trust went live in 2011, more and more NHS trusts and boards have been benefitting from better governance, increased transparency, improved control and reduced costs over their agency spend.

With approximately a quarter of the NHS now live on STAFFflow, we’re leading the way in direct engagement and temporary staff management. Our experienced support team has been key to ensuring successful implementations at a range of NHS trusts across England and Wales; needing no more than 40 hours spread across 4 weeks in each case to install an efficient and straightforward process.

The combined agency spend of the 50 live trusts and boards using the service is over £180m annually. These STAFFflow clients now represent a significant proportion of the agency spending activities across the NHS.  With so many organisations live, we have significant data for information sharing and benchmarking across the group.

To download our free quarterly review of agency staffing spend, click here.

Live trusts attend regular STAFFflow User Group events, and these facilitated meetings enable them to share experiences and information and to help shape the service to their changing needs. Our next User Group is being held in Birmingham, if you would be interested in attending please get in touch.

As has been widely reported, the NHS spends £2.6bn on non permanent staff. The annualised savings for trusts using STAFFflow have now reached £28m and we believe more could be saved were STAFFflow to be adopted across the NHS.  Find out more about the case for the smarter procurement of locums here.

The NHS may procure well, but it is sometimes lacking the means to monitor post contract compliance to the agreed rates. STAFFflow Validate, offered as part of the service, provides this safeguard. Importantly, this is achievable without compromising on quality of care or affecting delivery of frontline services. STAFFflow Validate ensures that NHS organisations can implement a strong contract management approach and carefully manage agency costs at the point of booking. Each trust’s own parameters are set, costs are controlled, and excessive rates are flagged and can be challenged.

To find out more about how STAFFflow could help your organisation, contact us here.