Contract Compliance Reviews

Our new contract compliance reviews help Procurement and Finance teams ensure suppliers are delivering to agreed service levels and charges.

These new reviews compare what your organisation has actually paid to a supplier against the terms of the agreed contracts. As well as identifying areas of overcharging, we will engage with the supplier on your behalf to pursue these refunds.

Forensically reviewing NHS finances

We constantly review thousands of invoices during our VAT reviews for two thirds of the NHS, making us very familiar with supplier charging and in interrogating invoices. Our other forensic reviews have identified over £48 million in supplier charging errors and we are already making significant findings in this new area of contract compliance.

Whether you want an unbiased review, or simply have stretched resources in finance and procurement to check all contracts, we can support your teams to identify and recover any overcharges or other amounts due.

We will complete a detailed audit to check actual costs (invoices/timesheets) against the contract to identify and recover overcharges.

The main areas where recovery / savings can be achieved:

Contract surrender assessments

Volume discounts

Annual RPI uplifts

Income sharing arrangements

High volume charges

(i.e. patient meals, patient transport, drugs)

Performance penalties

The most recent savings identified were in catering income sharing with patient meal overcharges to the value of £270,000. No risk, no upfront or fixed fees, just contingent fee based on what we get back for you.

Case study example

The Procurement team needed assistance with a soft-FM contract audit. The Trust felt that over a period of time contract expenditure had increased disproportionately to the level of service they were receiving. They had anecdotal evidence of this but did not have the internal resource to perform an in-depth analysis to identify exactly where these differences lay.

Liaison attended a meeting with the Trust to go through the background of the contract and to discuss the services provided by the supplier. We identified areas of investigation and the team began working through the contract documents, tender documents and performance reports. A series of meetings were held between Liaison and Trust staff to discuss initial findings and work through the data and any anomalies that appeared. After the Trust and Liaison had agreed upon the initial findings from the audit, Liaison engaged with the supplier to seek a refund for these amounts.

In addition to the savings amounts identified, the Trust was approaching the end of the contract and used the audit findings to inform the tender specification for the new contract. The feedback from the audit allowed future savings areas to be identified as well as safeguards to ensure that the Trust minimised risk of similar contract compliance issues in the future. Additionally the contingent nature of the review meant that the Trust had a risk free review to identify savings to go towards achieving their CIP target.

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