CIP Slip

Our CIP Slip service bundles together our top cash generating services into a single package to give you a comprehensive review of four key areas:

If your CIP needs a boost, our CIP Slip service can help.

It’s no easy task to keep cutting costs without impacting on care quality. As savings targets accumulate, it’s no suprise so many CIPs slip off course. By taking a fresh look at your spending, we can find opportunities to recover cash you thought was gone forever and so help you get your CIP back on track.

Straightforward value-for-money process

CIP Slip is straightforward and hassle-free. You only have to deal with one supplier across all the different spending areas, and you have a single point of contract throughout. It’s also extremely good value. You pay a single contingent rate for the whole service, and this single rate is lower than the amount you’d pay if you took the services on an individual basis.

Free benefits package

As a CIP Slip client, you receive free access to a number of our services from the moment you sign up. This includes:

Direct mobile phone and email access to a specialist NHS VAT advisor.

Unlimited access to our CPD-accredited NHS VAT training webinars.

Discounted places at our client conferences.

What we review


We find errors others miss. We’ve been conducting reviews of competitors’ work for over six years. In the last four years alone, we’ve identified £12.8m in underclaimed VAT. Our specialist staff work in NHS VAT day in, day out. They know just where to look and what to check, and they’ll liaise with HMRC to agree adjustments and get your cash back where it belongs.

Accounts payable data

By digging deep into purchase ledger rewards, our team of forensic have uncovered over £17m of supplier overcharges and overpayments in the NHS. We look both at supplier statements and invoicing, to identify overcharges, missed credits, and duplicate payments. Where we find money that’s been paid in error, we contact the supplier and arrange the refund.


Payroll problems cost the NHS millions. We’ve proved it: we’ve discovered £8.6m of payroll overpayments and other errors (so far). Our payroll specialists interrogate the date to find both overpayments made to staff and also overpayments made in pension and other deductions from individual salaries. They then work with you to recover the overpayments you want to pursue and to stop the problems recurring.

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