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1st March 2016 in Case Studies, VAT & Financial Management

NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

Liaison’s VAT specialist team has been providing exemplary advice to NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group since November 2014. On winning the contract Keeley Webber, Liaison VAT Manager, offered to go back through the entire previous period to identify further savings that had been missed. “It was important to me to ensure we got off to the right start with Gloucestershire CCG and to clear any previous errors seemed like a good way to start our working relationship. The bonus was that we were able to identify further savings that had previously been missed”, explains Keeley Webber.

The continuity of Keeley’s service is paramount to the strength of Liaison’s relationship with Gloucestershire CCG. Keeley visits the team bi-monthly, or more frequently if required, and is always in contact with the team in between visits, as Rupert Boex, Financial Accountant explains; “Keeley provides a very professional service, if there are any queries regarding VAT I know that a quick email or phone call will be responded to extremely quickly with an accurate response, or the steps in order to resolve the query. It takes one layer of stress out of the day to day.

Keeley has a strong working relationship with both myself and my team, so much so that we consider her to be part of the Gloucestershire team. She’s a professional and positive person to be around and when required will come to our aid more often than our standard bi-monthly visits. We trust her implicitly, her knowledge and experience is second to none. Her Invaluable advice on the changing Healthcare environment and Tax implications has proved invaluable to us, we’d recommend Liaison to anyone for the value that has added alone.”

Moving forward Keeley is working with NHS England and HMRC, on behalf of Gloucestershire CCG, to develop a process to allow the recovery of VAT for the Group once the changes to the way CSUs and CCGs are set up comes into place in April 2016.

Rupert Boex, Financial Accountant NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group