Report identifies variation in hourly and agency commission locum rates – saving one trust £21,000 on a single booking and c£16,000pa at another   Liaison’s NHS Directors’ Booking Rate Index provides NHS organisations with new actionable insights into their future temporary staff bookings enabling them to quickly identify excessive pay rates or commission costs associated […]

We’ve been working with over a quarter of NHS trusts in England to support them in adopting better habits around how they recruit, manage and retain their temporary workforce, with encouraging results. So, here’s three New Year’s resolutions we’re very happy to support. 1. Spend Less Our workforce advisory services have saved the NHS over […]

This week, analysis released by BMA Scotland said the shortage of consultants in Scotland’s NHS is twice as bad as official figures indicate because hundreds of vacancies are not recorded.  The body warned that the vacancy rate is higher than official figures and is more likely to be 13.9 per cent, the equivalent of around […]

  From having worked with many NHS trusts over the years, it’s clear that the organisational culture can often be one of ‘firefighting’ to plug workforce gaps and that often the decision to recruit agency staff falls to staff falls with staff who don’t necessarily have the budget authority to make the big financial commitments […]

Staff Banks continue to grow within the NHS –  25 per cent of NHS trusts now have their own bank.   NHS trusts could save up to £320 per eight hour shift if all Direct Engagement and Standard Engagement Consultant hours were converted to Bank.   By taking a ‘bank first’ approach, the trusts in […]