Innovations in technology and healthcare is putting patients truly in control of their own health, with virtual reality, smart beds and digital programmes cited to transform the future of the NHS. | Refugee doctors who arrive in the UK are helping to fill NHS staff shortages in hard to recruit areas thanks to a pioneering scheme. The programme, which initially began with an aim to serve a “humanitarian purpose”, now enables junior doctors to “fill gaps in the rota” in a cost efficient way.

The TempRE mobile app is now live. Designed for locums, bank staff and other healthcare professionals employed by NHS trusts and health boards using Liaison’s TempRE service, the app ensures TempRE is available ‘on the go’ for workers and supports Liaison’s NHS trust clients in making their service more accessible. | NHS Digital is working on a data strategy for its Data Security Centre (DSC) as a step towards better managing its data supply chain and assets.

Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary, has pledged almost half a billion pounds to transform technology in the NHS in an attempt to reduce staff workloads and improve patient care. | The government has announced a one year pay rise for doctors. Matt Hancock set out the government’s proposals for doctors’ pay in response to the latest report from the Review Body on DDRB. | The NHS is facing a deepening staffing crisis as hospitals report a growing shortage of doctors, nurses, midwives and therapists, with vacancies for these posts at their highest level for three years.