Case Studies

Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

“We’d had a review done by a different supplier before Liaison came into the Trust. We understood that Liaison’s work would include both the current (unreviewed) year and would re-review the work undertaken by the other supplier.

We developed a good relationship with our Liaison contacts and it worked well for us; they were clear with us about what would happen at each stage. It was clear that Liaison don’t just run data through a programme and let it spit out results for us, they actually go into the real detail, identifying and then validating the savings on our finance system before presenting them to us. With their N3 login, we only needed to provide access and much of the work could be done remotely.

Liaison kept us up to date with how things were progressing and gave us a face to face debrief where they outlined their findings, showed exactly why they had found more and what the next steps were. The fact that they then go on to contact suppliers to directly recover the savings on our behalf saved our Trust resources – it’s unlikely we would have been able to commit the time to doing this ourselves.

The Statements review was a smooth process and the results were more productive than the first review and delivered significant savings over and above those identified by the previous supplier. The Duplicates review was more involved but also delivered significant savings for us. I’d recommend other trusts undertake these reviews with Liaison. They are definitely a beneficial exercise and it proved a really good experience for our Trust and led directly to tangible benefits for us in terms of both cash recovered and assurance over our processes.”

Danny Wood, Financial Controller, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust