17th August 2017 in Workforce Bulletin

Multi-Worker Portal Update

Product enhancement launch – TempRE

Work continues on the developments of both the Multi Worker Portal and the mobile version of the Candidate Portal, in parallel with our performance project.

Multi-worker portal
The developments are predominantly ‘under the bonnet’ with minimal impact to current user interaction, and will enable TempRE to manage all worker categories more effectively (currently handling AHP’s and NMNC via workarounds.)


Trusts will be able to manage Very Senior Managers, Consultants, Medical & Dental and Agenda for Change workers, who will be further defined by their profession;


·        Admin & Clerical

·        AHP

·        Emergency Services

·        HSS

·        Nursing & Midwifery

·        Personal Social Services

·        Support Services


The system will also be able to accommodate:


·        Multiple rates to reflect NHSI and Junior doctor core and unsocial periods

·        Different tier structures according to profession

·        Right to work checks to easily measure a candidate’s level of compliance

·        Ability to manage nursing through the platform.


Mobile version – candidate portal
Development of the mobile friendly candidate version of TempRE is now complete and ready for full testing. Whilst the mobile version of TempRE is not an App, it has the look and feel of an App without the need to apply for App store or Google Play status.

We have conducted some beta testing with locums and general feedback has been positive. The initial release of the mobile version will be aimed at candidates and will allow users to complete actions in four main areas;

·        Jobs – view, apply and accept shifts easily

·        Tasks – sign contracts, complete bank details, pension and tax questionnaires

·        Timesheets – complete and submit timesheets

·        Profile – manage personal profile

Future developments could include incorporating functionality for other users such as attendance checkers.

Mobile remains on hold as we focus on developments such as Rostering and MWP which will have a wider beneficial impact.